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Judge Felix Karellius

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Full Name: Felix Karellius

Career: Arbitrator

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Born: In the upper reaches of the Rutiger Spire of Hive Tarsus. Felix, is the 13'nth son of Lord Vladimir Karellius. The Karellius family owns level 378 of the Rutiger Spire, holds a number of import licenses for pelts and food stuff from Dusk and nearby planets.
Destiny: Yet to be determined - still in active duty.

Fighting Style: Felix is a master gunslinger, preferring close-up head shots. With a blade Felix is rather helpless, preferring the gun in any fight.

Other Skills: Felix is a master with the gun, he is a natural charmer, deceiver and master of interrogation.

The Legend: Felix is at a crossroads in his life. Believed to be the most promising Arbitrator candidate to graduate from the Tarsus Schola Arbites by many of his teachers, Felix is still bored by the life as a Judge. Felix got transfered to the Inquisition, working as a specialist for Interrogator Hommel. This surely gave a lot more action, but now Felix is missing the fame. All this covert work for the Emperor, with no recognition or medals is getting dull. Felix is considering taking up a career as an Pict Star. Felix: "Roark, look at this, this guy Judge Dread, his all brawn and no finesse, they should really find one more suitable, don't you think? Roark stop touching yourself!
Own Words: I, Judge Felix of the house Karelius, sentence you to eternal servitude to our most beloved emperor. Take him to the machine surgery...
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