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Name: The Deserts Menace
On the vast deserts, west of Tarsus roams The Deserts Menace - a feared and famous biker gang specialized in fast and efficient raids on local communities, industrial facilities and most importantly the big Hauler transports that travel between Sibellus and Tarsus.

Tha gang has some 500 members.
Belia Blessett Female Assassin Imperial World 11050 21 days ago
Bodyguards Male Scum Hive World 5150 21 days ago
Decius Leehan (XO) Male Cleric Void Born 6200 21 days ago
Gang Member Male Guardsman Imperial World 3150 21 days ago
Ravager (Gang leader) Male Scum Feral World 8800 21 days ago

The Malleus Maleficarum Syndicate