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December 29, 2018 Per MøllerDanmarkSuper side, har brugt den længe og kan se at den mangler lidt kærlighed efterhånden, skriver nok en mail snart
November 28, 2018 CWitchTurkeyHello I've been having problems generating characters for over a month now. I've been having the same error and just in the npc creating section. "Server Error in '/' Application." Can you please help me fix it? I need to generate characters as soon as possible. Thanks in advance, Rifka
November 19, 2018 rwieczor84Warsaw, PolandHi! You have the best site with NPC Generator. It's really amazing! I hope you will work for next years and maybe add more carreers from "career compendium"? :) I am also happy to see polish lang here - thanks! Do you consider adding NPC generator to upcoming 4 edition of our beloved Warhammer Fantasy RPG? Kind Regards from Warsaw and Good luck guys!!