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Name: Karl Hoche
Class: Wanderer, former Soldier
Born: Averland 2481 IC
Destiny: Active

Preferred Style of Combat: Karl swears to the heaviest sword on the market.. The Emperial Zweihander. Longer and heavier than the Schwartz Orks Choppa - Karl deals out massive damage, which has split many a foe in two. Preferred method of execution, is to feint for the neck and in the last second turn the sword against the opponents hip. The result is usually horrifed screaming "MEIN BEIN ARRHHH Mein Bein."

Other Skills: Karl can administer a Healing Poultice, that attracts cooking wifes, flies and maggots from near and far.
The Legend: Son of a blacksmith from Averland, which Karl by the way never met. Apparently his only remark - seing Karl as an newborn, was "Hell". He left never to be seen again. So Karl was left with his mother, who travelled in the wake of Marius "The Mads" Zweihander Regiment. As soon as Karl could march he was enrolled to play the marching drum for Kapitain Schweiner. Later Karl could lift and swing the Zweihander and he's fate was sealed, serving under Sergent Horst. From here everything went downhill. Karl's mother took the blame, for the theft of one ham, and was hung from her shoelaces. Karl was sent to the front in the World Edge Mountains, Orks and the suspeciuos eye of Sergent Horst, finally became to much. After twelve years of soldiering and thieving Karl decided it was time to leave before his luck ran out...

Karl Hoche's Zweihander
The Heroes Own Words: Wan't me to cook something up for that scratch there...

A Friends Word: "I, among many, predict Karl will recieve The Nobel Prize in Medicine, for his brew recipies for Healing Poultices - I mean all the doctors, physicians and theological clergy of Shallaya are left dumb struck by the effectiveness. " - Professor Physiologica Johan Fleischshnitter