Full name: Ranalf Thundershield
Career: First Class Runebearer, but wanders freely killing orcs and stuupid humanz at the moment.

Born: Karak Varn, World Edge Mountains. Right next to your ordinary green skin baddie.

Destiny: To be determined, but it will eventually end quite colorfully (editorial note: Grungni has yet to bestow him more Fate Points, if he is to hold more sessions).

Figting Style: Axe and Shield.
Is there any other way?

Other Skills: Excellent scout, fine stoneworker. Has yet to grasp the vague social etiquette of the frail humans.

The Legend: Son of Baldrik Thunder, Master Runebearer for Karak Varn. Ranalf got his nickname, Thundershield, when he survived a direct hit from an orc bolt thrower i a mine below the hold. The impact resounded with a great thunderclap, that scared the little goblins and allowed the Shieldbreakers from Karak Varn to storm the Boltthrover.
Own words: Travelling is good, not enough gold yet, but my nose has never failed me before, so just follow me laddie..
Friends note: