Name: Tom Mercer
Class: Ranger
Born: 2396 IC
Destiny: Unknown - Tom's ability to disappear in any crowd was unheard of at the time, so when the number of enemies quickly tolled to uncountable numbers, Tom decided to disappear...No one has seen or heard from him ever since.
Preferred Style of Combat: Tom's was a master of the very seldon used figthing technique called "Fighting from eating table". A technique that left Tom paralysed by fear and subsequently our enemies concentrated on more imminent threats, like the rest of the party...
Other Skills: Tom's mastery of the Longbow left enemies scrambling for cover, or as was more often the case, lying still in a growing pool of blood...
The Legend: Only a hero, who has done great deeds for good, has a legend. Tom had other goals.
The Hero's own words: Say, that table looks a bit rockety, but could do...
A friends word: "Only a manling wound think of fighting from a table, what nonsense. Tom did lay down a nice suppressing fire on many occassion. The only problem was you never knew, where he was, but I guess that is typical human." Angull.