Release: 2008-11-24

  • Extra polish career translations added to NPC Generator.
  • Experimental name generator added to Ordo name generator.

Release: 2008-07-20

NPC Generator:
  • Bug fix in NPC print functionaliy.

Release: 2008-07-02

NPC Generator & Name Generator:
  • Polish language version introduced. Many thanks to Łukasz.

Release: 2008-06-17

NPC Generator:
  • Assasin career was missing Witch Hunter as a career exit (Balkoth Coldfire & Andrew Cotton).

Release: 2008-05-31

NPC Generator:
  • Fixed a few annoying compilation bugs in the NPC Generator.

Release: 2008-05-09

Name Generator:
  • Fixed missing image for the generate button.
  • The name generator is now translated into german.

Release: 2008-05-08

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.4.1 released.
  • More german texts added.

Release: 2008-03-18

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.4.0 released.
  • Added careers from Nights Dark Masters.

Release: 2008-03-16

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.3.0 released.
  • Changed versioning scheme for NPC generator.
  • Multi-lingual NPC Generator release.
  • German language version 80% complete.

Release: 2008-01-15

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.22 released.
  • Bug in damage listing of missile weapons was fixed (Kingsley Gardner & Huw Jones).
  • Added weapon statistics to printable page.

Release: 2008-01-07

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.21 released.
  • Bug introduced in 1.20 was eliminated.

Release: 2008-01-06

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.20 released.
  • Bug in list of skills and talents eliminated.
  • Bug in skill and talent management eliminated.

Release: 2008-01-04

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.19 released.
  • Starting skills- and talents can be disabled.
  • Extra starting skills- and talents can be added to an NPC.

Release: 2007-12-20

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.18 released.
  • Fixed bug in the skills set of the entertainer career (Jadrax)
  • Moved the login pages from the NPG generator to its own set of pages.
  • Added skavens and careers from Children of the Horned Rat.
  • Changing a characters Origin will cause a re-roll of starting talents.
Name Generator:
  • Added names for elves, skavens, halflings and the Border Princes.
  • Family names only added to 70 pct. of the names.

Release: 2007-11-23

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.17 released.
  • Included careers from the Knights of the Grail supplement.
  • Added tooltip with supplement name on all careers.

Release: 2007-11-15

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.16 released.
  • Included careers from the Sigmars Heirs supplement.

Release: 2007-10-28

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.15 released.
  • Fixed error in career exits for Physician (Johannes Busted Larsen)

Release: 2007-08-31

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.14 released.
  • Added careers from Tome of Corruption, Old World Bestiary and the monster careers Brute, Sneak and Chief.

Release: 2007-08-21

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.13 released.
  • Tweaks made to the runes available to Rune Smiths.

Release: 2007-07-24

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.12 released.
  • Fixed bug when selecting scale armor.
  • Fixed bug in Mercenary Career Exits (Kingsley Gardner).
  • Added more weapons from Old World Armory.

Release: 2007-04-11

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.11 released.
  • Equipment page added.
  • Added characteristic next to skills on printed sheet.
  • Timeout on logins have been increased to one week.
Name Generator:
  • Introduced a random sort on generated names.
  • Changing sort order will sort names already generated.

Release: 2007-01-27

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.10 released.
  • Editing of any career enabled. Use view NPC to get at the career.
  • View NPC details moved one level in.

Release: 2007-01-13

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.9 released.
  • View NPC Details added.
  • You can now save up to 50 NPCs if you are logged in.

Release: 2007-01-05

Site wide changes:
  • Added Norsca names to the name generator.

Release: 2007-01-01

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.8 released.
  • Included Witch and Warlock from the Realms of Sorcery supplement.
Site wide changes:

Release: 2006-12-29

NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.7 released.
  • Its now possible to change and reset your passwords.
  • The advance scheme of the printed HTML has been compacted so that only the totals are shown.

Release: 2006-12-22

Site wide changes:
  • Login and registration moved to NPC genrator.
  • Login and registration UI tweaked.
  • Password recovery temporarily disabled.

Release: 2006-12-13

Site wide changes:
  • Added support for password resetting.
NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.6 released.
  • Tweaks on EditNpc. Some erros will cause a redirect to the NPC Geneator default page.

Release: 2006-12-12

Site wide changes:
  • Tweaked log settings.
NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.5 released.
  • Applied WHFRP errata sheet 8 to careers from core rulebook - thanks, Simon Sullivan.

Release: 2006-12-11

Site wide changes:
  • Tweaked database handling.
  • Added support for user login.
NPC Generator:
  • Version 1.4 released.
  • Added support for saving NPCs to database.