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Annex Oleum


Name: Annex Oleum
Main Function: Refenery
Secondary Functions: Oil and Gas storage
Adeptus in Charge: Adeptus Mechanicus and leading industrial consortiums

High Priest Yuona Sheick

Population: 75.000 Total (estimated)
42.000 Workers
7.000 Slaves
2.000 Dock personel
15.000 Clerks & Adminstrators
3.000 Service Personel
3.000 Out of category
1.000 Unknown
2.000 Security

Security Level:



The Annex Oleum is the main refinery of the system and responsible for a considerable part of the supply of oil and gasses. The continuous production is therefore a vital part for the entire planetary infrastructure.

The sources for the raw materials are various asteroids and planets in the nearby systems. Especially the gas giants which contain unlimited resources are interesting. However, with these planets high pressure, temperature and radioactivity, harvesting is a challenging task and they often take a high told to relinquish their property.


After refining the products are divided into liquids are gasses and are stored respectively. The gasses, mostly ethane, propane, butanes and pentanes.are kept under high pressure and low temperature. From here the products are either distributed to Scintilla or to the numerous docking stations around Scintilla Prime to feed the ever hungry freighters and cruisers for their voyages between the stars.

  Tanks for liquids and gasses

The Docks
Among the larger freighters in the sector are the tankers that supply the enormous demands from the planet. Therefore the Annex has a number of large piers to take ships up to ULCC size (Ultra Large Crude Carriers) and the arrangements to unload these in shortest time possible.


The gas-tanker
SHS Knock Nevis II about to dock

The Malleus Maleficarum Syndicate