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Comments on Ordo - Character Generator
Answers by thomas, Ordo Malleus Syndicate   2012-03-18 14:49
@Skincrafter - we have no plans for an Ascension extension. Sorry.

@KinginYellow - thank for your kind words. :-)

If I find the time, I will add the requested backgrounds. At the moment I have very limited time for :-(

This is also the reason for the missing updates to the generator.

Kind regards
Backgrounds & Origins by Acolyte KingInYellow   2012-03-09 00:24
Firstly, Thank you for an Amazing Resource to all DH Gms everywhere- from the Generator to the Blueprint page and pictures on the sites.

Secondly, I was actually wondering if you guys were planning on adding the Radical and Blood of Martyr Origins and the Backgrounds from those books, along with the book of Judgement and Daemon Hunter.

There's been a number of additions to DH since the day, and even though Elite Advances & Alternate ranks are works in progress, the extra backgrounds and origins would be cool to have.

Ascension by Acolyte Skincrafter   2012-02-21 18:34
Any plans to make the Ascension extension?
Answers by thomas, Ordo Malleus Syndicate   2012-01-14 17:47
@fenris357 - we currently have no plans for a Deathwatch version. Sorry.

@Jedd - thank you for your nice words. :-)

@Radwraith - thats a good idea. If you have extra insight in this area we would certainly be interested in learning more. Send us an email on our email.

Kind regards
This thing is pretty wizard. by Acolyte Jedd   2012-01-14 05:33
The easiest possible way of cranking out cultists and witches, and I can hack together weird stuff like xenos and servitors and the like.

Gotta say, pretty impressed.
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