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Anthon Barbie Male Assassin Hive World 13100 thomas 15 hours ago 8878
Roark Male Guardsman Feral World 12800 Restaroth long time ago 5815
Etruscus Male Tech Priest Schola Progenium 7400 Sir long time ago 5275
Janus Male Arbitrator Imperial World 1200 BernardGuy 6 days ago 4624
Capt. Lincoln F. Sternn Male Guardsman Imperial World 11450 thomas 15 days ago 5911
The Enforcer Male Arbitrator Imperial World 3600 Kaihlik long time ago 4028
Sword Wielding Dancer Female Assassin Feral World 1650 thomas long time ago 5268
Magnar Kurtzweil Male Cleric Imperial World 6000 Rictus long time ago 4881
Mir Male Guardsman Feral World 3000 BernardGuy 23 days ago 4417
Iorgo Male Cleric Hive World 4750 BernardGuy long time ago 4128

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