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Hive Sibellus

Name Hive Sibellus

Position (Town center) 41°54'N 038°14'W
Area 41,254 km²
15,928 sq mi
Population 16,500,000,000 estimated
Town Governor Klaus Ulfred
Main Income Heavy Industri
Notable establishments: Lucid Palace
Bastion Porphyr




The Spires
The Spires of Sibellus Reach miles up into the air.

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Sibellus seen from Orbit
On the nightside of Scintilla, Sibellus lights up and reveals it's massive size.


The Complex of Sibellus
Socially the town is divided vertically - the noble classes occupy the highest levels of the spires and the lower classes live in the lower levels. Unlike Tarsus, Sibellus has access to the ocean and therefore has a great deal of offshore activities.

The Slagerfeld Spire
Sibellus contains many spires and among those are The Slagerfeld Spire. It's far from being among the greater spires, but what makes it notable is that almost the entire spire is owned by the Skalen-Har Hegemony. It houses a number of the organisation's most respected houses, several schools and universities and an endless number of factories, storehouses, plants etc. Above all the top of the spire contains the Skaelen-Har Headquartes – a place of almost religious status.

For generations the inhabitants of the hive have build new constructions on top of the existing, usually without any deeper regards for the consequences. Sometimes this results in the most weird architectural abominations.

Before the water withdrew the seaport of Kanessis, at the outskirts of Sibellus, was a busy place. Today only the crows lay claim to the endless piers.



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