We are a group of 4 persons. All in our thirties - according to our birth certificates at least - living in Denmark.

We have all been playing RPGs since the mid 1980s (Yes, Michael Jackson was BLACK back then) and we have been through many different systems ranging from AD&D, GURPS, Runequest, Stormbringer and others. Though lately the updated version of Warhammer caught our attention and it is on this platform we now base our collective madness.

Roleplaying is not always easy to integrate in your life when in your mid-thirties but nevertheless we strive to make an effort out of not letting too much time pas between sessions. Agreeing on a date is complicated when some in the group are cursed with personal chaos spawns (children in layman's terms).

The reason and motivation behind the site are as diverse as we are as persons. Mainly we thought of it as a place that we could use to share materials for upcoming sessions, but the idea of a character/name generator grew on us and so did the web-site idea. And here we are :-)

Malleus Mailificarum [Latin: The Withces Hammer] was originally an infamous handbook in withhunting written by two German inquisitors in 1487. Read more about this insane work on Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malleus_maleficarum

Witchhunting in the middle ages was no laughing matter but since it has been more than 500 years since it was published we believe the title of the book was appropriate for our website since the analogies to the World of Warhammer witchhunting was remarkable.


If you have a suspicious "log lady" in your village, who rightfully should denounce her practice of foul witchcraft, or some other reason to contact us please send us a pigeon at: inquisitor@malleus.dk