July 13, 2015 Network problems fixed

Malleus has been offline for a week, due to a problem with the connection to the internet. It has - hopefully - been resolved.  

April 23, 2013 Mail problems fixed

Our site has been having problems sending emails. This has now been fixed, so you should be able to utilize the "forgot password" function.  

July 4, 2011 We are back

Our hosting company suffered a serious black-out after the Copenhagen area was by heavy rains on saturday. They have now restored their service. Sorry for the inconvenience.  

February 14, 2010 13.000.000 names and 63.000 NPCs generated

In exactly one year another 6.000.000 names and 23.000 NPCs were generated. Thats 500.000 names and approx. 2.000 NPCs a month!  

November 21, 2009 Login bug has been fixed

A login error on the NPC Generator has been fixed - we are sorry for any inconvenience. The culprit has been hanged, drawn and quartered.  

February 15, 2009 7.000.000 names and 40.000 NPCs generated

WOW - 7.000.000 names and 40.000 NPC's. That is a lot.  

August 13, 2008 New fansite launched

Today we have launched the fansite "Ordo Malleus" dedicated to the Dark Heresy roleplaying game. Go check it out ...  

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In the damp and desolate scriptorium, our cartographers are working around the clock to provide you with the finest quality in high-resolution maps of the Warhammer World.

Iacta alea est (the die is cast)

The Malleus WFRP Character Generator is available in the Forge.

213831 characters generated.
55696294 names generated.

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