Official sites

Games Worksshop
Creators of the Warhammer© universe. The UK based company houses the criminal masterminds behind the greatest time theft in modern history:

Black Industries
These are the makers of the revised version of WFRP. Their site contains upcoming supplements, a heavely visited forum as well as tons of other resssources.


Community Sites

Winds of Chaos
Great site that among other features extended critical hit charts, articles, maps and a pricewinning scenario.

Warpstone Magazine
The independent magazine for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

The Escapistical Knights of the Basement
A fellow RPG group from Denmark who enjoys playing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
The site is a RP site with WFRP heavely dominating their content. Amongst the more noteworthy, the site has a NPC generator which is a huge timesaver. The site also contains forums which debates RP systems in general.

Strike to Stun
A site with great diversity - spanning over both WH Battle as well as Fantasy. Providing inspiration for both aspects of the Warhammer world

Critical Hit
Has much to offer. Background information for adventures, rules expanded etc. The site offers a one-stop catch all for the house-rule hungry.

The Bergsburg Project
Burgsburg is a city in Hochland. This website is the community creating the city, expanding on the life, culture, personas and atmosphere.

The Liber Fanatica
Online resources for GMs. Quite a nice place to get inspiration for houserules and other additions.

Encroachment of Chaos
Usefull player and GM tools - Character sheets, GM Sheets, Calenders etc. All ready to print.

Mad Alfred's WFRP pages
Mad Alfred is a veteran in Warhammer genre, bordering legend. His website contains a lot of material including scenarios and maps of each and every province of The Old Wolrd. These maps have has served as a massive inspiration for our own map section.

Whymme's WFRP Site
Another WHFRP resource site - especially useful if you are looking for houserules and inspiration for such.
Have you ever wondered who Eberhardt the Just is? Of course you have and here is the answer together with a huge number of other answers...the biggest online Warhammer encyclopedia.
A very nice site with a its own original fantasy setting. Has a Dungeons and Dragons spin.
A nice little name generator, that allows you to generate multiple names with a single click.


Other Links

Warhammer Online
The eyes of the Warhammer community is on this new game. A long awaited MMORPG set en the prime universe which we all have come to love and enjoy. Not aiming at a release date before sometime in 2008 it is sttill a ways off, nevertheless it looks more than promising.

A group of Norwegian players that have created their own RPG - pretty interesting but the site is in...yes...norwegian :)