January 8, 2009 6.000.000 names generated

Another million names generated. If only we had a cent for every name ...  

November 24, 2008 5.000.000 names generated

5 million names has now been generated. Somebody must have raised an army...  

October 15, 2008 4.000.000 names generated

Another million names generated ...  

September 21, 2008 3.000.000 names generated

One million names generated in just eleven days. Thats more than 90.000 names pr day. We believe the launch of Warhammer Online has a role to play.  

September 10, 2008 2.000.000 names generated

Amazing. It took two years for the first million names and just above a month for the second :)  

August 23, 2008 Site Update

Today we have moved the contents of the original malleus.dk site to a sub-folder called 'Whfrp'. Redirects will be created to redirect users to the new locations of content.  

August 7, 2008 Account problems resolved

We have resolved the issues regarding account problems. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.  

August 7, 2008 1.000.000 names generated

Today we have reached the "one million names generated" mark!!  

August 6, 2008 User account problems

We are experiencing some problems with the user account management. It is currently not possible to use the recover password function and to create new accounts.  

August 5, 2008 Web hosting provider changed

We have changed our web hosting provider. The old provider proved slow and unstable. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.  

July 20, 2008 Print function working again

The print function in the NPC Generator is now working again. The responsible programmer has received his just flogging.  

July 8, 2008 Print malfunction in the Character Generator

The Print function in the Character Generator is currently out of order. The programmer has fled the country (a so called "hollyday") but he will be hunted down, trialed and executed within a week.  

July 2, 2008 NPC Generator and Name Generator translated into polish

The NPC Generator and the Name Generator is now available in polish. Minor translations are pending. Many thanks to Lukasz from Poland.  

June 17, 2008 NPC Generator 1.4.3

A minor bug related to the career exit of the Assasin career was found and eliminated. Responsible coder has been flogged.  

May 9, 2008 Name Generator translated into german

The name generator has been translated into german. The names in the generator are the same, but the UI now supports two languages.  

May 8, 2008 NPC Generator 1.4.1

The NPC Generator is now 90% complete when it comes to the translation into german.  

April 17, 2008 Strange Poster has appeared.

"Sibellus Overload" - the first advertisement for a Dark Heresy Campaign here on Malleus.dk.  

March 18, 2008 NPC Generator 1.4.0

Careers from Nights Dark Masters have been added to the NPC Generator. Bugs in a few Tome of Corruption careers were squashed as well.  

March 16, 2008 Multilingual NPC Generator 1.3.0

The NPC Generator has been modified to support more than one language. Currently german language is 80% complete.  

January 15, 2008 NPC Generator 1.22

When printing an NPC, the list of weapons now contains the weapon stats for easy reference.  

January 7, 2008 NPC Generator 1.21

A junior programmer of the inquisition was flogged today. The flogging came after an unauthorized experiment involving a Skaven programming language. Luckily our skilled master programmer were able to cleanse the code.  

January 3, 2008 NPC Generator 1.19

It is now possible to add extra skills- and talents to an NPC and to disabe the normal starting skills- and talents for the selected race.  

December 20, 2007 New species for the NPC Generator

Lucius the Librarian has finally finished his lifes work the nefarious tome "Rattis Analyziz". Read, remember and forever speak no word from the books secrets, but use it to do Sigmars Work upon this earth.  

December 3, 2007 Castle Lenkster

The Inquisitors have depicted Castle Lenkster on the borders of Hochland and Ostland.  

November 27, 2007 New Poster available

Advertisement for the the upcomming RPG session "Venom part 2" has been published.  

November 23, 2007 NPC Generator 1.17

Careers from "Knights of the Grail" supplement has been added to the NPC Generator.  

November 23, 2007 Site update

The Malleus site is undergoing some navigational changes - some pages will cause redirects to their new counterpart.  

November 15, 2007 NPC Generator 1.16

Eight new careers from the Sigmars Heirs supplement have been added to the NPC Generator ...  

November 12, 2007 Artwork has been updated

A couple of new images has been added to the Artwork section which also has been restructured a bit.  

November 12, 2007 New Article

A couple of handouts for a recent session inspired this short article about a magic box.  

November 8, 2007 Yet another Poster

Advertisement for the the upcomming RPG session has been published.  

August 31, 2007 NPC Generator 1.14

NPC Generator - the careers from Tome of Corruption, Old World Bestiary and the monster careers Brute, Sneak and Chief are now available in the NPC Generator ...  

August 21, 2007 NPC Generator 1.13

NPC Generator - runes available to Rune Smiths have been tweaked ...  

July 24, 2007 NPC Generator 1.12

NPC Generator had a few bugs. The responsible programmer has been mutilated and burned at the stake ...  

July 18, 2007 Map of The Moot

Not yet visited by the Inquisition and therefore still quite cosy...  

July 17, 2007 Map of Averland

The cartographers are closing in on completion of the Empire.  

July 14, 2007 Map of Stirland

A lot of of red-hot iron where used to motivate the release of yet another map from the cartographers.  

April 11, 2007 NPC Generator 1.11 Released

This update includes a new armor, weapons and equipment editor.  

January 26, 2007 Map of Altdorf

The Capital of The Empire - Altdorf - and it's surroundings has been depicted. A lot of cartographers were lost in this proces.  

January 25, 2007 Map of Ostermark

Threats, torture and pain have paid of...another map has been released from our cartographers.  

January 17, 2007 The Skaven do not exist

Yes, we all know that but IF they did how would they appear. Read our article about this hypothetical question.  

January 14, 2007 Map of Nordland

Again, the cartographers has been pushed beyond their limits and a new map is now available.  

January 13, 2007 Character Generator version 1.9

New features: View Details of a character, you are now allowed to save up to fifty characters.  

January 12, 2007 Minor Navigation Update

Changes to the website has resulted in minor adjustments in the navigation...beware or be lost!!!!  

January 11, 2007 Map of Hochland

Further brutalizing has resulted in yet another map from the cartographers.  

January 10, 2007 Map of Talabheim

Imperial inquisitors have hunted down runaway cartographers and forced them to finalize the map of Talabheim and surroundings.  

January 1, 2007 Character Generator version 1.8

The careers Wich and Warlock from Realms of Sorcery have been added.  

January 1, 2007 Malleus Discussion Forum

We now have a disucussion forum on Malleus. Please feel free to share your ideas, make suggestions, report a bug, etc.  

December 14, 2006 New Map added

The Imperial Province of Talebecland has been added to the archive.  

December 13, 2006 New article added

"How to frame somebody for a murder" is an article about a murder and how the investigators can find out that somebody is being framed.  

December 12, 2006 Character Generator Updated

The WHFRP errata sheet 8 for the Core Rulebook has been applied to the careers  

December 12, 2006 Character Generator v 1.5

The Character Generator now has a login feature providing the possibility to store the generated characters for later use.  

December 8, 2006 Poster Added

The poster for the upcoming adventure "Death Becomes us" has been released  

November 6, 2006 Poster Added

The final chapter of the adventure "Who Dares Win" is soon to come. A new Marketing Poster has been added to raise expectations  

October 23, 2006 New names in Name Generator

The Name Generator now features names from Kislevite region of the Warhammer World  

September 28, 2006 Poster Added

For the long anticipated event of the upcoming RPG session a new commercial poster has been added  

September 26, 2006 New names in Name Generator

The Name Generator now features names from Bretonian region of the Warhammer World  

September 25, 2006 Poster Added

For the long anticipated event of the upcoming RPG session a new commercial poster has been added  

September 10, 2006 Empire map finalized

Under pressure of servere punishment, the imperial carthographers has finaly published a map covering the Empire.  

August 28, 2006 Malleus Wallpapers available

In the gallery it's now possible to download wallpapers. So far there are only two available but more will follow shortly.