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Aquila Lander X

Game Mechanics:

Type:Military or Civilian Craft
Hull 22, Wings 18
Anti Grav, Void Capable
Narrative Speed:
500 kmph/3000 kmph (Void)
Combat Speed:
Handling Modifier:
(Pilot (Military Craft)): 0
1 (Pilot), 1 (Gunner/Co-Pilot)
Access Points:
Side and top hatches/airlocks as well as rear boarding ramp.


Ancient by design, preempting the Horus Heresy, the Aquila Lander is durable and built for battlefield repairing. The ability to do vertical landing and takeoff, orbital space lift and re-entry, just shows some of the versatility of the Aquila Lander.

Following the Emperors sanctifying of the double eagle its wing design, backed by the thunderous roar from the powerful Thulman Mark IX engines gurgling up Holy Promethium sends a clear message to the Imperium's enemies. Here comes the Emperors Holy Wrath.

With all of these abilities it is abundantly clear that the Aquila Lander is one of the most popular aerial, low orbital vessels of the Imperium.


The construntion of the craft varies depending of purpose, branch, manufacturer and so on. Shown below is a standard lightly armed version used among other by the Imperial Guard.



Many variants exists for both Imperial and civilian purposes. Below is only named a few:

Planetary Bomber – A fast and agile bomber, armed with drop munitions brings death and destruction to enemies. The Planetary Bomber has one purpose, delivering bombs as fast as possible. It has no orbital capability, since the re-entry heat plating has been removed to increase payload. The Planetary Bomber is able to deliver meltas, bunker crackers and a single Hive Heat Sink Torpedo Killer at Mach 3 drop dives.

Planetary Transporter –The payload area is jammed with trooper benches, making for fast deployment of the Imperial Guards and PDF forces. Standard Ministorum regulates a maximum of 22 Imperial Guards, but records from the fall of Ixeros IV to the Tyranid Kraken Splinter fleet tell a different story. Corporal Lanisz was the last guardsmen on deck before takeoff and recorded 37 guards were on board, during the flight.




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