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This section contains plans, images and other stuff we have used in our sessions. Maybe it will prove usefull for other GM's aswell - feel free to use it as you please.

Tactical Maps

A couple of maps with grid.


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Postumus Halls

In the centre of the Acatus Spire in Hive Sibellus, Scintilla, lies the Postumus Halls. As Sibellus in general this area is a broad composition of industry, factories, religious structures, commercial buildings, residential areas etc. - all put together in an architectural nightmare. The Halls spreads wide and deep and divided by a wide gorge the runs through the entire area. At some places the gorge reach almost down to the Underhive two miles below. The exact number of occupants in this place is unknown but estimated to around 3.000.000.

The Halls

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Plan of Postumus Halls

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The Kormak Sector

At the foot of the Acatus Spire in Hive Sibellus lies the Kormak Sector. It's build around the Kormak Industrial Space Hub - a smaller, but busy spaceport, which transfers large amount of goods from the barges that services Scintilla Prime in orbit, where the warp-travelling freighters are docking.

Most of the cargo is transferred to the Macro Haulers that drives close by. Around 120.000 people lives and works in this Emperor forsaken place where crime and corruption flourish almost as well as the vermin.

The Acatus Spire

The Kormak Sector


Plan of the Sector

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A dark alley
The acolytes is meeting a "friend" in an alley.

Same alley
With a little help from Infrared goggles the meeting proves to be an ambush.

A strange book carrying the name of a lost ship suddenly appears. Obviously some kind of key is needed to open it.

The Doctor
Following the leads to rescue their kidnapped superior, the acolytes find that they are too late.

An ordinary prison cell - in our case onboard a Bastille-class ship, but it could be anywhere

A secret room behind the closet
A successful search reveals secrets hidden in the closet.

VIP prisoner in Cryo-sleep
Our session introduced a very dangerous prisoner who was contained in a cryo-prison


Security Plan

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We used this handout in a recent session as a blueprint for a facility in which something valuable was held. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to enter so let your players use their imagination.

  • Main shafts denotes accessability from a higher/lower floor within the complex.
  • The epoxy walls can be broken down by explosives but this will of course make some noise.
  • The motion sensors have a 5m range and trigger a complex-wide alarm if set off.
  • The poison gas charges were meant to be discharged manually from security control.
  • Emergency Exits can only be activated from inside and only in case of firealarm.

This was how we used it in our session. Please feel free to get creative.


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