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The Bastille-class is a Medium Capacity Prisoner Transport Ship, usually operated by planetary governments and interplanetary Security Forces.

The ship is constructed with 5 medium or high security blocks. Due to the level of security the ship is constructed to facilitate the more valuable cargo and thus unsuitable for slave transports and mass prisoner transfers.




Class: Bastille Class
Prisoner transport (Military Craft)
POW, convicts, etc.
Capacity: 7680 +65 maximum security units
882.300 BRT
(650.450 Tons Deadweight)
418 meters lengths between pp
Main Propulsion:
3 Bauer & Wilkins Mk. IX Warp drives
4 MAN 255 Piston Main Supercharged Plasma drives
Guards and staff: 565

The Salatfad enroute with a
full load of passengers



Cargo Sections

The cargo is placed in 5 compartments - Block A through E.

Block A, B, C and D is standard prison bays, each divided into 4 sections with 240 two-man cells. The guards are stationed in a watch-room above the cells and a walkway, going through the entire ship, is connecting each block. Each Block has its own life support system, penalty cells, infirmary, galley, storage etc.

A number of automated security systems are connected to the main loading hatches - in case of activation the entire block can be flushed in a matter of minutes. The mere presence of these systems usually limits the number of riots among the inmates.

The last block - E Block - is the maximum security section. Up to 65 high-value prisoners can be held here in different arrangement depending on the kind of threat they posses.



The Bastille-class was designed to meet the needs for transfer of prisoners from the heavy populated Hiveworlds to Correctional Facility Instalations around the sector. It was once the workhorse in prisoner transport in the sector - but its expensive design meant that construction was ceased in 516M39 after only 62 units had been delivered by Yukatoney Heavy Industries - newer and cheaper designs took over, but many sailors and security officials still claim that this vessel is still the best of it's kind.

Most of the ships are still active and can usually be seen serving the routes between hiveworlds and penitentiary-worlds.

A Bastille-Class vessel under
repair in a shipyard

They are also a common sight trailing the navy when a punishment mission or maybe even a minor invsion is heading out.

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