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Imperial Blueprints

The ships that plow the deep space between the stars and the contraptions found within the Empire are of crucial interest to the inquisition. The "Inquisitorial Blueprints" are a coveted set of plans for some of these designs.

Some followers of the Adeptus Mechanicus frown upon the existance of these blueprints, considering them the rightful property of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The infamous tech-priest Magos Mechailis X has long waged a clandestine war against the inquisition on this matter, trying to have the responsible inquisitors sentenced to eternal servitude as servitor skulls.

Thus far he has not succeeded.


Ship size
A number of Blueprints of Warp-travelling vessels are available and these ships are shown here to give an impression of the proportions.



The Cobra Class Destroyers have only been seen a few times at Scintilla and larger naval vessels, like the Tyrant Class Cruiser, have never been in the vicinity of Scintilla and are shown here for comparison only.



Comments on Blueprints
Blueprints by Acolyte Damien   2012-06-13 14:13
Superior Page! Can we hope, that there will be more in nearly future?
Hover tech? by Acolyte Starknight1988   2012-02-17 01:37
I thought that technology was mostly lost to the Imperium after the Horus Heresy, and that only things like Land Speeders had it now. It seems unlikely that there would be a number of mostly civilian application craft with such expensive and poorly understood technological principles.

That being said, they're awesome designs, and I'd use them in my campaigns if they can be verified as lore-friendly.
Absoloutley amazing. by Acolyte Jedd   2012-01-19 03:42
Everything from the excellent 3D models to the attention to detail and information is just mind-boggling. It's really evident this was all done with a lot of pride and care. You guys really deliver.
Praise praise praise! by Acolyte oberbefel   2010-06-09 02:16
This page have helped me a lot of times to come up with evil doers,good doers,insane npc,dangerous elements or just giving me some inspiration on how I should play my year long campaign.
I bow to your grace!
Comment on Blueprints by troels, Ordo Malleus Syndicate   2010-05-31 08:16
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