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Descerno Mk 2


Game Mechanics

Type: Civilian Craft
Size: Massive
Armour: Hull and Engines 24, Wings 18
Traits: Anti Grav, Void Capable
Narrative Speed: 400 kmph/3000 kmph (Void)
Combat Speed: 50/600/1300/2000/2500
Handling Modifier: (Pilot (Civilian Craft)): 0
Crew: 1 (Pilot), 1 (Gunner/Co-Pilot)
Passengers: 12
Access Points: Front underside boarding ramp w. airlock.

Decerno Mk-2 with
Hanson Cargo Module


From the Manufacterer

"Our Decerno Mk-2 design features the latest in Imperial shiptechnologies.
Decerno Mk-2 is multi-purpose craft capable of carrying out assignments ranging in scope from orbital to system-wide to even deep-space. This makes it the first choice of any Noble House or Powergroup with an aquired taste for quality, durabillity and excellence.
The Decerno Mk-2's modular design enables a wide range of roles to be undertaken for the Glory of the God-Emperor and the reputation of your particular organization. It ships with a standard Hanson Cargo Module (Order No. 233-5989a) and it can be, convieniently, refitted with other modules to fit your particular needs. Of particular note is the Daedelus Armament Module (Order No. 233-5861c) rendering the Decerno Mk-2 with an assortment of payloads as well as delivery systems, lending diplomatic weight to stalemates in negotiation and easing territorial affirmment.
The Decerno Mk-2 is powered by 2x1600 TWatt Anthony Thrusters and the Tarantula Maneuvering Thrusters Pack ensuring ease of control and grace of movement."

- From "Hulls for a Holocaust - 41st Millinieum Power-Projection"
The Skaelen-Har Hegemony Arsenal Data-Slate




The Skaelen-Har Hegemony phased out the armed first-generation Decernos and introduced the Mk-2s following Govenor Hax's Sectorial Decree No. 15-840. The Decree was called The Amputation Act, by his political opponents, as it severly limited payload and armaments of ships not within the Imperial Navy or PDF - however, the wording of the decree only specified fixed armaments. As a direct consequence hereof, the Skaelen-Har manufactered the Mk-2s with optional payload in the form of readily installable weapon-modules, thereby circumventing both the decree as well as its pre-decessor in terms of allowable weaponry of civilian crafts.




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