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Game Mechanics:

Type: Hover Bike
Size: Large
Armour :
Front 10, Hull 8
Narrative Speed: 102 kmph/163 kmph
Combat Speed: 15/45/90/135/180
None or 2 Autoguns
Handling (Drive (Hover Vehicle)):
Crew: 1 (Driver)
Access Points: Sides



A much wanted single person hover transporter among many hivers, the Firefly is an expensive bike and a rare sight on Scintilla. Its high-power turbine is of an older design and rough handling can sometimes give backdrafts in the combustion chambers, resulting in large and noisy flames from the exhaust. Ironically this has evolved to a much sought feature - especially among young men - and has given the bike it's distinct nickname "Firefly"....the original name has long been forgotten.

Its hovering capabilities makes it a versatile vehicle able to travel on even the most mistreated road - which often is very practical in the hives. Its size and power surplus also makes it agile and fast.

However, most private transports are nothing but a distant dream for most hivers and the Firefly is no exception. Furthermore a hover vehicle is usually many times more expensive than its wheeled counterpart resulting in a costly luxury that is reserved for high ranking officials, nobles, expensive bodyguards, gang leaders etc.


Front view

Rear view

The Deserts Menace
On the vast deserts, west of Tarsus roams The Deserts Menace - a feared and famous biker gang specialized in fast and efficient raids on local communities, industrial facilities and most importantly the big Hauler transports that carry goods between Sibellus and Tarsus.

Click here to see the details of the gang members.

The majority of the gang members are raiding on wheeled bikes and a bike like the Firefly is at best a wet dream – only a few of the leaders and veterans posses this magnificent status symbol.

The image here shows a raid on a Macro Hauler – a swift and decisive attack conducted with less than 200 raiders.

The Wild West

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The Malleus Maleficarum Syndicate