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Tech Priests
A number of Tech Priests creeping around in some noisy and dirty they really have origins in human DNA?
When navigating through the Warp, time can be a strange thing and officers need wierd instruments to keep track of it.
Path to Sibellus
That legendary day in the year 847M41 when Krauze Thadius - at that time an unknown psyker - arrived at Sibellus...who could have known the immense effect he singlehanded would have on the safety of the city* in the time that followed?
(*this fact might be disputed by some of he’s group members)
Bolt Pistols
An Acolyte without his Boltpistol is like a diabetic without his insulin.
Ahhh...the good old classical chainsword...that never fails, espcially if you remember to give it holy lubricating oil as described by the Tech-Priests.

Sniper Rifle
Although difficult to use, the Sniper Rifle is often the initial choice for many people who has a score to settle. The advantage of engaging from a long distance is appealing…however, the outcome is not always as anticipated. To become a sniper takes a lot of talent and training.

Expensive, high maintenance cost and complexity makes the Schmidt & Wesser, Surgeon Mk. IV a rare weapon, although sales increased considerable after it was renamed from Coward  cal .75.

Sample cal .75 ammunition
The Surgeon can, like most other sophisticated rifles, use a wide range of special ammunition besides the standard Full Metal Jacket.


A common weapon amongst most classes and societies in the Hives. Simple functionality, inexpensive, low maintenance and high hit probability...what more do you need?
Not as plentiful as the Shotgun but still a very popular weapon of choice. The high prices for these weapons makes them most seen among nobles, gang leaders and, of course, the Imperial Guard.


Servitor Skull


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