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Scintilla Prime

Above Port Tarsus, in a geosync orbit, hangs Scintilla Prime - The Orbital Docking Station of Scintilla. The main purpose of this enourmous construct, is to serve as hub for the huge amount of goods that is imported or exported each day from Scintilla. The Docking Station has shipyards, refeneries and other heavy industries and, of course, an Imperial Navy attachment.

Admiral Armitage
Central Operations

Scintilla Prime
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Scintilla Prime was constructed in several tempi. The first three Annexes were built as a means to solidify the support effort of the Angevin Crusade. These were the Arxcis Major, the Prytaneum and the Classiarium, ensuring an administrative, clerical and naval strong point for further expansion in the sector. Following the success of the conquest, the remaining annexes were constructed adding civilian properties to the Orbital Station.


The Sorensen Resolution
The Sorenson Resolution was decreed nearly 900 years ago, outlining division of influence spheres between the Imperial branches, governing of the facility as well as day to day routines of the Calixis Sector’s largest orbital station. The resolution’s primary purpose was to ensure that the station would not fall in to the hands of imperial enemies in case a rebellion on Scintilla.
The resolution formulates the constitution of Scintilla Prime’s Council Quartet, who answers directly to the Adeptus Terra but reports to the sector-governor of Scintilla. The CQ has three civilian chairs, and a chair held by the Imperial Navy. The civilian chairs are divided between the Ecclisiarchy, the Administratum and one for rotation amongst the most influential families.

Tradefleet Returning to Scintilla Prime

Merchant vessels usually travel in fleets. Guarded by one or more Imperial Frigates.

The approach to Scintilla Prime is very strict. A high number of minefields ensure that the traffic is regulated in accordance with the official statements. Smugglers, refuges and other illegal elements takes a high risk trying to circumvent the planetary defences, although some Rogue Traders are known to have knowledge of alternative routes to the planet.

From Sage to Servitor
Sage Hertwiger was originally the servant of Admiral Vergen, but after his barge transmitted the wrong access codes to Station Control, it was redirected to the Unwanted Approach Vector where both it and he met with an untimely end – the UAV is held secure by a Dispersal Pattern 98A minefield and the detonation of a 200MTon proximity mine, was more than the hull of the unarmed barge could withstand.
Scintilla Prima
Sage Hertwiger was all which was left of the barge and was deemed to serve as added visual confirmation on approaching ships, introducing yet another step to the 576 points already existing on the approach checklist. Servitor Hertwiger can be found at the CXC-313 Approach Vector commonly known as the Hertwiger Corridor.


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