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The Kobold-class is a heavy Ore Transport and Processing Ship, designed to move large amount of mineral ore and proces it during transport.



Class: Kobold
Ore transport and processing ship
Mineral ore and processed metals
Displacement: 40 megatonnes
2.018 meters lengths between pp
Main Propulsion:
2 Proteus M300 Warp drives
Armaments: None
Passengers:<500 pilgrims, fugitives etc.


A heavy Ore Transport and Processing Ship, designed to move large amount of mineral ore and process it during transport. Loading ore from the mining colonies around the sector, the slow and cumbersome ship often travels for months and years before delivering its precious cargo of processed metals at the ever hungry industrial sites at the Forge- and Hive Worlds

The ship is divided into several sections. Large holds are placed alongside the hull to carry the ore. Three furnace-sections are taking up the central part of the ship, and here the ore is process into metal.

The environment onboard is noisy, dirty and hazardous. A fatality rate of 5 to 10% of the crew is not unusual on the longer trips. Needles to say it's not a popular place to serve and as a result large portions of the crew is often made of slaves, convicts and the like.

The Gevorkian


The Redemption preparing to embark

The three main processing
furnaces of the Kobold-class


Production of these ships seized about two hundred years ago and authorities has long ago lost track of how many there has been built. However, the first units where sent into service sometime before 400M39, and because of a long service length of these ships, there are still a rather large number operating - or haunting - the sector.

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