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Macro Hauler

Game Mechanics

Ground Vehicle
Front 20, Hull 16, Top 14, Undercarriage 14
Narrative Speed:
Combat Speed:
Handling Modifier (Drive (Ground Vehicle)):
Militarised versions have mountings for up to 6 Heavy Weapons
5, 0–6 (Gunner)
Access Points:
Up to 6 doors per side and rear and top hatch.
Special: Ash Waster:

Some Macro-Haulers, outfitted to operate in polluted wastelands or in hazardous environments have sealed compartments with life-support or air filtrations systems and airlocks as standard.


Macro Haulers are large wheeled or tracked transports which are considered one of the backbones of Scintillas logistical infrastructure. Nicknamed "thunderers”these beasts are a common and awe-inspiring sight both inside and outside the hives. These trains can vary in size but are often more than thirty meters high and several hundred meters long, depending on the cargo configuration.

Macro Haulers are made in many different variants but all can be fit into one of two major categories: The Intra Hauler which service the major traffic routes (arteries) inside the hives and Inter Hauler (depicted here)- which service the routes between the hives.

Transporting goods via roads is a dangerous task. Mercenaries from competing consortiums, indigenous life and an unknown number of gangs roams the 26.000 kilometres of harsh and unforgiving land between Sibellus and Tarsus - however, this kind of transport is cheap and therefore a very attractive method for many a merchant.


Front view

Rear view

A single Macro Haulers can easely cary more than 30 wagons.These wagons come in an unlimited range of sizes and purposes; below are shown some examples:

Standard Container

Nuclear or Chemical waste

Oil or chemicals


(Water, alchohol etc)

(Liquid Nitrogene Gas)

Gun turret
(Only on high value transports)


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