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Mundus Vecturae


The Mundus Vecturae feeder class freighter is among the most common civilian ship in the sector. It services the routes between smaller systems and the major tranport hubs where the large warp freighters are mooring.


Class: Mundus Vecturae
Multi Cargo freighter (Civilian Craft)
Bulk, oil and gas
21.600.000 BRT
(12.400.000 Tons Deadweight)
1.215 meters lengths between pp
Main Propulsion:
4 Admiral Electric LM 35k
2 RR Proteus Warp drives
Up to 3000 (Refugees, pilgrims etc.)

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The SHS Duke Entripid, Mundus Vecturae cl.

The bridge of SHS Duke Entripid

From the Manufacturer

"The Mundus Vecturae freighter is the largest civilian feeder class in the sector. Two Cerberus thrusters power the Mundus Vecturae. These are, without a doubt, the most time proven engine design we have to offer. With the addition of three Arson Burst Manoeuvring Thrusters we can proudly state that no other civilian feeder allows for this kind of power.
As a result: no kind or amount of freight is beyond our capacity to ship via these mighty tradition bound vessels.

Our Sanctioned Administrators oversee each Mundus Vecturae on regular intervals, guaranteeing terms of delivery are upheld. Trusted personnel crews these legendary bulk Dreadnoughts, with meticulous knowledge of each and every aspect of the vessel.

Our freight-network covers all systems within the Calixis Sector and we make scheduled stops at all major Orbital Depots and Space Stations. So if the God-Emperor has tasked your House with a delivery, allow us to facilitate His Will Be Done. Any quantity, any kind, anywhere.“

From “The Veins and Arteries of Cargo – Life-Blood of The Empire”
The Skaelen-Har Hegemony Data-slate.




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"I have seen lesser horrors staring at me from Across the Veil,
than the abominations who ferried that cursed ship"
Maro Axxos, Former Administrator of Duke Intripid


Though the Mundus Vecturae class is both among the more common and also one of the larger civilian models in the Calixis Sector; this does not cover the whole truth about these ships.

With the exception of the ship’s Administrator and his armed guard, the crew of each Mundus Vecturae is comprised purely of kinsmen. The majority of these, are interfaced directly into the controls of the ship and all are bound to serve on the vessel for the remainder of their bloodline’s survival.
Being bound to a Mundus Vecturae feeder is not considered prestigious amongst the Skaelen-Hars. It is a mark put on those lineages, who have failed to live up to the scriptures of The Concordium – a mark put on those found lacking in ambition or devotion, those who weaken the hold of the Hegemony.
These communities are utterly secluded from everything outside their hulls; therefore the Blood-Binding entails slow, yet certain, deterioration of the kin in question. They often succumb to a state of Feral-like tribe hood - patriarchal in structure, bloody in nature. As the diversity of genetic material is scarce, they are inevitably breeding themselves into mental ineptitude over many generations. At which time they are freed from their duty, either through the airlock or at the mercy of a bolter.

Few Mundus Vecturae carry passengers. Mainly because of the circumstances under which their crew is held, but also due to legal sanctions, imposed on these ships, in many systems. More than a few unsuspecting feral-worlders, pilgrims and refugees have, over the past centuries, found themselves unwillingly assimilated into these communities. Only to have their gene pools extend the ultimate demise of the Blood-Bounds for a few generations.




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