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The Rudderow Escort Corvet is a common sight in the convoys that travels the routes between the sectors systems. It has proved to be quite suitable for carrying out these tasks.


Class: Rudderow
Escort Corvet (Military Craft)
Displacement: 1.300.000 BRT
Size: 640 meters lengths between pp
Main Propulsion:
3 Fairbanks Morse Plasma Drives
2 Cerberus Mk. XV Warp drives
Main Armament:
2x2 145" Krupz Las Batteries; 2x Gaus Massive Particle Accelerator;
Secondary Armament: 1x Space Sparrow Missile Battery; Mk. V Proximity mines; 1x Bosch Mega Drill.
2.120 +
Up to 500 (VIP's, Special Forces, Prisoners etc..)




Rudderow-cl. has been built in an untold number by a whole line of shipyards across the sector. It's inexpensive and relatively fast to assemble. Because of it's high production number it's a well know vessel by most of the sectors naval yards and maintenance and repair is easy to come by.

HMS Charles on duty.

Even though it's small and lightly armed, compared to other warships, it's relatively fast and is able to carry out a wide vararity of operations. Because of it's versatility it can take up almost any place in the Fleet Security and in the smaller Class A and B Tradefleets, on some of the more secure routes, it's not unusual to see only 3 or 4 of these vessels to secure the entire fleet of up 50 ships.

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It's not considered an honour to serve onboard these vessels. Escort duty is dull and eventless and is prioritized very low by most Naval Commands, but bitter and expensive experience has secured that no Tradefleet ever travels alone. As a result these ships are usually manned by reserves, rookies or punishment crew and commanded by officers that are fit for retirement, has dishonoured themselves in battle or maybe badly wounded beyond repair. But make no mistake - the Imperial Navy consists only of professionals and escort vessel like the Rudderow can be extremely lethal in the hands of even the most undisciplined crew.



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