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Name Hive Tarsus

Position (Town center) 04°05'N 148°42'E
Area 18,563 km²
7,167 sq mi
Population 8,000,000,000 estimated
Governor Volans Zell
Main Income Commerce
Notable establishments: Goldenhand (trading complex)
Barracks (Army of the Scintillian Protectorate)
Cathedral of Illumination



The Complex of Tarsus
The hive has developed like an independent organism for centuries. As a result of the intense heat from the surrounding dessert the outer areas of the hive are occupied by lower social classes and the innermost (and thereby coolest) areas are reserved for the nobility.

In what can appear to be an architectural chaos, a complex and vast infrastructure stretches its arms out to even the most remote and deepest corners of the hive. The town is deeply dependent on a well functioning infrastructure both when it comes to the most basic functions such as water and air supply but also Spaceports, roads and elevators are mandatory before any outcome can be produced by this massive complex.

In the middle of the Dessert...
Tarsus is surrounded by a huge unforgiving dessert that stretches for thousands of miles. The heat is so intense that no living things are able to live here....and precisely here mankind decided to place a city with around 8 billion citizens…yes, that’s doesn’t appear as a smart move, but nevertheless; here it is.


The Malleus Maleficarum Syndicate